The Mobile App

Mobile Application

Download the only App you’ll ever need for Clinical Guidance

When your clinicians download the MicroGuide™ App they will join a group of over 100,000 clinical users from around the world who have enjoyed both the simplicity and robustness of our mobile solutions. Our Apps for Apple and Android  Phones are gateways to the published guidance from any Medical Organisation that subscribes to our service.

Simply download the app, select the Medical Organisation of your choice, then download their guide(s) to your device.

Each time the Medical Organisation updates their guidance their users will be alerted and the latest version is automatically downloaded to their mobile device. So clinicians will always have the latest guidance at the point of care. The latest guidelines are also published to a “web viewer” on the Medical Organisation’s Intranet.

Access to comprehensive features such as Decision Support algorithms, calculators, and Organisation wide search facilities are available at all times, both on and offline, via the app.

Horizon Strategic Partners – Team

MicroGuide™ is brought to you by a dedicated team of developers, technicians and customer support personnel based in UK, China, and the USA. 

Horizon Strategic Partners continue to invest in new technology to bring our users and editors the latest beneficial innovations that improve the functionality and performance of MicroGuide™. 

Ultimately helping to regulate prescribing practices and improve patient care.