Content Management System

CMS introduction

Manage and maintain all your Medical Organisations guidance locally

Our Content Management System (or CMS) is a live secure web service that allows content editors to manage and publish their guidance at any time, and from anywhere. Our system takes just one hour to learn, after which you’ll have access to the service 24/7 to keep your guidance fully up to date as and when you see fit. Currently, we have over 100 organisations and nearly 750 content editors using the service.

Some of the many features of our CMS are;

Authorised content editors access specific guideline frameworks via the CMS and then create, edit and publish their clinical guidelines incorporating their own structure and content.

The CMS includes a database of drugs that can be created and edited by any content editor. Supplementary information about any drug can be created for any drug and is accessible by the clinician within the mobile application or web viewer via direct hyperlink.

Calculators such as for Creatinine Clearance and Gentamicin are available for specific conditions. An Ideal Body Weight Calculator is also available. More than 30 calculators will be available during 2018.

Alerts are sent to content editors by e-mail to remind them to review conditions at future dates.

A full audit trail of key activities made by each content editor and a complete history of every guideline ever published is available in perpetuity.

A purpose-built process allows content editors to freeze guides to enable peer review before publication.

Guide permissions allow Medical Organisations to compartmentalize individual guides and to control editing/publication/administration access.

Horizon Strategic Partners – Team

MicroGuide™ is brought to you by a dedicated team of developers, technicians and customer support personnel based in UK, China, and the USA. 

Horizon Strategic Partners continue to invest in new technology to bring our users and editors the latest beneficial innovations that improve the functionality and performance of MicroGuide™. 

Ultimately helping to regulate prescribing practices and improve patient care.