About Us


Global Useage

Since its launch in 2013 MicroGuide™ is now used in 114 Medical Organisations. Over 50% of UK NHS Acute Hospitals use the service and it’s been deployed in England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Gibraltar, New Zealand, China, Iceland, the United States, Cambodia, and Malawi

There are over 100,000 users of the mobile application in 173 countries.

Currently, there are over 750 content editors autonomously creating, editing and publishing guidance for their organizations

Recognition & Expansion

In 2014 MicroGuide™ won the prestigious Novartis Antimicrobial Award for ‘infection treatment guidelines and antimicrobial stewardship’. In 2015 MicroGuide™ was awarded the ‘infection control prize’ at the annual NHS Innovation Challenge Awards and the EHI Award for ‘Excellence in Mobile Healthcare’

Guidelines types now published include Antimicrobial, Wound Formulary, Emergency Medicines, Oncology and Pain Management and over 50 more guidance types

Strategic Growth

In May 2015 MicroGuide™ was awarded the CE Mark and officially became a Medical Device

In under 6 years, we have gathered over 45 million usage metrics on guidance sets which we share with our subscribers

MicroGuide™is consistently in the top 10 of professional medical apps downloaded from the Appstore


Horizon Strategic Partners

Horizon Strategic Partners is a mobile technology company creating healthcare solutions. Providing clinicians and patients with critical information where and when they need it, improving medical productivity and patient care. A dedicated team of developers delivers information to over 100,000 clinicians who in turn prescribed to millions of patients worldwide.

Horizon Strategic Partners products include:-

  • MicroGuide – the world’s number one medical guidelines application.
  • MyPrenancy@ – just making life easier
  • Mediemo – improving IVF productivity

Find more information about how Horizon Strategic Partners is shaping the future of mobile healthcare at http://horizonsp.co.uk/

Horizon Strategic Partners – Team

MicroGuide™ is developed and supported by a dedicated team of application developers, technicians and customer service personnel supporting the needs of medical organisations in 10 different countries.

Horizon Strategic Partners continue to invest in new technology to bring our users and editors the latest beneficial innovations that improve the functionality and performance of MicroGuide™. 

Ultimately helping to regulate prescribing practices and improve patient care.